Why Use A Mailing List?
You can use your mailing list to keep subscribers up to date on changes to your business or web community. If your site is home to a club, keep subscribers apprised of meetings and events. If you have a business site, you can use the list to send product updates to customers who have requested updates. If your site has a newsletter, you can even use your mailing list to distribute your newsletter to people who have asked for it.

Many people start their mailing list by using their email program for disseminating information to people in a list by using the carbon copy (cc) or the blind carbon copy (bcc) functions. As the list grows, the amount of time spent on newsletter creation and management grows also. There are many solutions including software like Lyris™ which is priced at around $600 and involves knowledge of database management. Great for Geeks, but not for the average small business owner. Another solution is the online list management software companies like Constant Contact™, iContact™, or Benchmark™. They all work fine, but they can become costly as your list grows, and the customization options are limited to the templates they make available (unless you want to spend hundreds to have them customize a template). Compare prices

Are you a Small business Owner? Are you tired of paying too much for your Email Newsletters? Would you prefer your Email Newsletters to look like your own website creating greater brand awareness for your company? Imagine paying one low price for sending any number of email announcements, e-blasts, or email newsletters as many times a month as you like.*** All For One Low Price Of Only $17.99 a Month! Many features which are not available through the "big players" are available with us. Compare prices and you will see the value!

Price Comparison

Number of Constant IContact Benchmark My Great Web Design
Emails Contact Email Email Affordable Email
0-500   $   15.00  $    9.95  $    9.95 There's No Restriction Of How Many Emails You Can Send! All For One Low Price Of Only $17.99 a Month!* Or 6 Months @ $16.99 (Pre-Paid)

Your newsletter can be either plain text or HTML** designed to match your existing website! No artificial one size fits all "templates"!

501-2,500  $   30.00  $   29.00  $   19.95
2,501-5,000   $   50.00  $   47.00  $   35.00
  5,001-10,000  $   75.00  $   74.00  $   60.00
  10,001-25,000  $ 150.00  $ 149.00  $ 112.00
*All prices are for comparison purposes only. High and low end prices vary from company to company. This comparison may not include special pricing or promotional pricing. ** One time charge of $30 for design. *** Must conform to our Anti-Spam policy.
Note that mailing lists are only for mailing those who have specifically signed up to be on this list through your website. You may not send any unsolicited bulk email (also known as "spam") through this service. If you spam, your account may be immediately terminated without warning.
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